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At Blackburn Primary School we provide a curriculum that Inspires Excellence, nurtures well-rounded children and through carefully thought out schemes of learning support our children to go on and make a positive contribution to society

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Inspire excellence and be ambitious for all
  • Nurture children who are interested in learning and interesting to talk to because of their deep conceptual knowledge 

To achieve this we: 

  • Have reading at the heart of everything. Supporting children to be literate, numerate and choose to read because they love it
  • Ensure learning is sequential and progressive building learning over time (The big picture)
  • Design learning to provide the knowledge and cultural capital to help children understand their place in the world and make a positive difference to it
  • Are creative because of the solid foundations in learning that the children are provided
  • Support, nurture and explicitly teach children so they are prepared for later life

For each subject in school we have a statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact telling you more about the subject. These can be found by going to the individual subject pages. You will also find the progression of skills and curriculum maps plus more information about each subject. 

Subject overview long term plan


At Blackburn Primary School we believe that a strong PSHE curriculum is essential to help our pupils develop into well rounded children, who are making positive contributions to society. Our curriculum encompasses relationships, and health education, financial education and e-safety. Below is an overview of what is taught in each year group: