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Blackburn Primary School is a school that follows the policies of Rotherham MBC Children and Young People’s Services. Admissions to school are governed by the admissions policy of the LA as detailed in the current Admission to Primary School Booklet. This can be downloaded from the RMBC website.

All requests for admission to full-time education, from Foundation 2, must be made to the Director of Children and Young People’s Services, using the form in the above booklet. Admissions can be made online at the RMBC website.

Blackburn Primary School, as with all other controlled schools, does not have the authority to grant a place at the school directly.

For more information about admissions or to apply for a place click this link.

To view the RMBC admissions policy click this link

Foundation Stage 1

We have a Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) facility at the school. This provides a high quality start to school life for three terms, part-time education, normally starting in the Autumn Term one year before entry to reception/foundation stage 2. This policy is set in line with the Rotherham MBC Children and Young People’s Services admissions policy.

This can be brought forward by one term if there is capacity in the Foundation Unit, without the need to provide additional staffing resources beyond that allocated to the Foundation Stage and if the child is to shown to be ready for early admission (please contact the Foundation Stage Co-ordinator or Headteacher if you wish to make a request for early admission). The FS1 provision entitles the child to:

  • Five part-time sessions per week of 3 hours per session;
  • At least 33 weeks duration.

At Blackburn Primary School we aim to make this introduction to school an enjoyable experience, which is shared by the parent and child:

  • In the year in which the child is 3, or younger, the child and parents are invited for a short visit. This allows them to see the unit, talk to the staff and tour the school;
  • The concept of Stay and Play is introduced, during the late summer and autumn terms. These are twice weekly sessions in which the child and a carer work in the unit on a range of activities. This gradually builds up familiarity with all the routines, the staff, etc., in a supportive manner and should lead to induction to school for all children by Christmas.
  • Some children may need a longer induction and this will be discussed if appropriate.

Induction Procedures into Foundation 2

 At Blackburn Primary School we follow a slightly accelerated version of the Rotherham MBC recommendations:

  • September-December birthdays are settled into full-time education by the end of the first week of the Autumn Term;
  • January – March children have a slightly longer induction programme, gradually moving from 5 part-time sessions to full-time education by the end of the third week of the term;
  • April – August children gradually move from 5 part-time sessions to full-time education by the end of the sixth week of the term.

Parents are involved in the induction process, sharing experiences of lunchtimes and meeting regularly with staff to discuss the progress of the child towards full-time education.

At all times the welfare of the child and his/her readiness for full-time education are the fundamental concerns.

Admission Limits

  • Foundation 1 – the limit is 26 children per part-time session – 52 part-time places;
  • Foundation 2 – the admission limit agreed by the Governing Body is 45 and applies to all full-time year groups. Rotherham MBC allocates all admissions.

Transfer to Secondary Education

  • Children usually transfer, at the end of Y6, to either Winterhill or Wingfield School. Some parents request alternative provision due to personal circumstances.
  • Full information is passed to families, from RMBC, during the Autumn Term through a booklet entitled “Admission to Secondary Education”.
  • The school is a partner, with Winterhill and Wingfield Schools, in a full year induction programme, with children visiting the Schools, staff working in Blackburn and, in the Summer Term, full induction days take place at both Winterhill and Wingfield.
  • Blackburn School employs a learning mentor, Mrs. J. Burley, who undertakes a transition mentoring role for children in Y6 who may encounter difficulties in making the transfer to Key Stage 3.