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Ethos and Values


Mission Statement

School Values

The vision for our school is that in 5 years time Blackburn Primary School will have:

  • Attainment that exceeds national averages in all key stages
  • Pupils that make excellent progress from their individual starting points
  • An excellent knowledge rich curriculum for all pupils
  • Built strong link with other schools
  • Work in partnership with parents so they are informed, involved, part of the school community and support their child to succeed
  • An excellent teacher for all pupils
  • Every child a reader
  • A balanced and sustainable budget that ensure school priorities are well funded
  • All children access an increasingly wide range of cultural and sporting experiences


As a school we promote the fundamental core British values of respect, tolerance and integrity through all our learning and discussions with children.  We instill in children a sense of leadership and independence, helping prepare them for their future and encourage them to make a positive difference to our world.